Last Week’s Biggest Sales


1. COBBLE HILL $2,730,000
309 Warren Street GMAP P*Shark
A single-family townhouse that hit the market in November, then was relisted this January. It was asking $2,899,000. From the looks of the listing, this is one impressive home. Deed recorded on 3/12/2013.

2. PROSPECT HEIGHTS $1,548,500
651 Vanderbilt Avenue GMAP P*Shark
A HOTD pick way back in 2007. The one-three family home has a ground-level storefront. It’s currently configured as two three-bedroom apartments. According to Streeteasy, the building sold a number of times between 2004 and 2008. It was last listed in August of 2012 for $1,600,000. Deed recorded on 3/14/2013.

3. FISKE TERRACE $1,525,000
65 Wellington Court GMAP P*Shark
This is a lovely stand-alone house in the Fiske Terrace Historic District. Here’s the old listing. This is also an impressive flip: the home sold in 2011 for $425,000, then it was listed the next year for $1,625,000. Deed recorded on 3/15/2013.

4. MANHATTAN BEACH $1,460,000
134 Langham Street GMAP P*Shark
No listing for this home. Deed recorded on 3/13/2013.

5. FORT GREENE $1,425,000
127 St. Felix Street GMAP P*Shark
Why did this two-family home go for cheap? Streeteasy isn’t revealing any details. Deed recorded on 3/15/2013.

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