Last Week’s Biggest Sales


1. COBBLE HILL $2,795,000
28 Verandah Place GMAP P*Shark
A HOTD pick this May. We loved the location, on a quaint street overlooking Cobble Hill Park, but said “At just over 2,000 square feet, it’s relatively small for a house; at $2,795,000, it’s also pretty pricey on a per-square-foot basis.” Sold right at ask! Entered into contract on 8/14/12; closed on 11/09/12; deed recorded on 11/23/2012.

2. PROSPECT HEIGHTS $2,298,000
218 St. Marks Avenue GMAP P*Shark
Another HOTD pick from this summer. First priced at $2,999,000, then $2,795,000. Our opinion: “It’s certainly an attractive house in a good location but it lacks a certain wow factor that we think you need to get this number in this location.” Entered into contract on 9/24/12; closed on 11/7/12; deed recorded on 11/20/2012.

3. CLINTON HILL $2,026,000
370 Washington Avenue GMAP P*Shark
And another summer HOTD pick. The ask was $1,800,000 so the actual sale price is a nice feat. We did say the house definitely had a “special feel” to it. Entered into contract on 7/7/12; closed on 11/7/12; deed recorded on 11/19/2012.

4. WILLIAMSBURG $1,965,222.50
34 North 7th Street, #PH2B GMAP P*Shark
Listing was pulled for this condo unit at the Edge. Entered into contract on 10/9/12; closed on 11/8/12; deed recorded on 11/20/2012.

5. GRAVESEND $1,725,933.75
400 Avenue U, #404 GMAP P*Shark
No listing found for this condo unit. Entered into contract on 12/9/12; closed on 10/25/12; deed recorded on 11/19/2012.

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