Five Rentals for Roommates (That Are Cheaper Than Co-Living)


    The latest lifestyle fad to pick up steam in Brooklyn? Co-living. While you might like the idea of sharing a space with like-minded folks, we wouldn’t fault you for gasping at the price tag. Residents at Common’s first co-living building pay between $1,800 and $1,950 a month.

    But that doesn’t mean you can’t DIY a co-living situation of your own. Brownstoner likes to call it “getting roommates.”

    There’s more work, cost, and commitment up front, of course. You will have to swing first, last and deposit or a broker fee and sign a year lease.

    Here are five fabulous rentals where a split rent costs less than commercial co-living. Roomies not included.

    Rentals For Roommates

    59 South Portland Avenue #2
    Price: $5,995/month or $1,499/month if split four ways
    Area: Fort Greene
    Broker: Corcoran (Ariane Dembs/Erin Mahoney)
    See it here ->

    This airy triplex is located right in the middle of the Fort Greene triangle created by Lafayette Avenue, Fulton Street, and Dekalb Avenue. With four bedrooms, two living rooms, and a dining room, you and your roommates will have oodles of space for creative pursuits and deep conversations. You could even bring the passionate discussion outside to the roof deck.

    Rentals For Roommates

    255 Eastern Parkway #D15
    Price: $5,600/month or $1,400/month if split four ways
    Area: Crown Heights
    Broker: Corcoran (Tracey McLean)
    See it here ->

    In case you need a break from the roomies, this four-bedroom pad is conveniently located just a couple of blocks from the Brooklyn Museum and Prospect Park. Not that you wouldn’t have enough space for yourself — the place is 1,675 square feet. The building also boasts a gilded Art Deco lobby with fancy ceilings.

    Rentals For Roommates

    Chauncey Street
    Price: $3,667/month or $917/month if split four ways
    Area: Bushwick
    Broker: Brown Harris Stevens (Nadine Adamson/Kelsey Hall)
    See it here ->

    Fancy starting a fashionable urban garden to go with your fashionable roommate situation? This four-bed duplex — the cheapest of our pics — also comes with a 20-foot by 30-foot backyard. The garden level living room could even double as an event space.

    Rentals For Roommates
    1119 Carroll Street
    Price: $4,800/month or $960/month if split five ways
    Area: Crown Heights
    Broker: Ideal Properties Group (Geneva Farrow/OnYango Williams)
    See it here ->

    A five bedroom! In Crown Heights! With exposed brick! Just a few blocks from the Nostrand 2 and 5 stop, this place is in a decent location for rent-splitting roommates who work downtown or in Manhattan.

    Rentals For Roommates

    483 Ocean Parkway
    Price: $3,900/month; or $975/month if split four ways
    Area: Kensington
    Broker: Halstead (Tyson Lewis/Madeline Marvar)
    See it here ->

    This four-bedroom duplex in Kensington has some cool views, a private terrace and a window seat. It also has parking available for an additional $295 a month. The listing says it’s also near “the wonderfully hip Cortelyou Road Shopping/dining district.”

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