Fix-Up for Jay Street Firehouse


    The Brooklyn Fire Quarters at 365 Jay Street was designed in 1882 by Frank Freeman and now serves as an affordable apartment building. (For some history, check out this NY Times Streetscapes article.) The city has owned the building since 2005, and as the article points out, it hasn’t done the greatest job with this piece of history: “It now has a musty, neglected air, even though most apartments are still occupied. The storefront is empty, and the ground floor has a menacing, abandoned look. Few of the tenants have their names on the buzzers.” But more recently, Pratt Area Community Council has received funds to purchase and renovate the site. Danise Malqui, who works for Pratt development, says the 18 affordable housing units currently in the building will remain, and hopefully a non-profit will be moving into the ground floor. Construction is planned to begin Spring of 2011, but first plans must go through the Department of Housing Preservation and Development. Great to see this building will be getting the repairs it deserves. GMAP

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