A Permanent Community Garden Just Established in Jamaica


    The Brooklyn Queens Land Trust, Merrick Marsden Neighbors Association (MMNA), and 596 Acres worked together to establish a permanent community garden on the corner of Foch and Merrick Boulevard in Jamaica. The Merrick Marsden Neighbors Association maintained the space since 1967, but over the summer they almost lost the land when New York City placed liens on the property for back taxes owed. MMNA needed $18,000 to pay off the final tax lien and back taxes to make property free of taxes forever. 596 Acres offered free legal assistance to MMNA and the land was successfully transferred to the Brooklyn Queens Land Trust. The papers were signed, making it official, just last week.

    Above is an image from a work day held at the community garden over the summer. The residents plan to start growing food for the community here.

    What's Happening