Inside the Addictive Boutique Winery’s Expansion in East Elmhurst


    Earlier this week the owners of Addictive Boutique Winery, located at 32-62 87th Street East Elmhurst, showed us around their newly expanded shop. Owners Francisco Diaz and Patrick Duong decided to expand into the clothing boutique next door — which they also owned — after the success of the wine shop with nearby Jackson Heights residents. So they nearly doubled their space, and added to their collection of wine from about 130 to 400 bottles. (Wines come from all around the world and are priced between $8.99 and $260.) The new space will allow them to bring in larger crowds for wine tastings, which they host every Friday and Saturday.

    The grand opening party for the expanded store is Saturday, May 17th at 6 pm. Expect wine samples, snacks and live music. Click through for tons of photos of the store, as well as more details on the renovation. GMAP

    Diaz’s brother, who is an architect, helped design the store. The hanging bottles were actually designed by the Addictive Boutique owners — recycled wine bottles now used as lighting. The owners hope to host “arts and crafts” events in the garage on the property, teaching participants how to creatively recycle old wine bottles.

    Shoppers are encouraged to relax and take their time here, which is why the owners set up a tasting table.

    More creative uses of the recycled wine bottles.


    That’s owner Francisco Diaz in the background, in the original portion of the store.


    New wines come from as far as Croatia, Slovakia and South Africa. The owners have also been able to secure popular wines only sold at Manhattan restaurants.


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