Astoria Distilling Company Plans to Debut “Queens Courage” Gin This Summer


    Queens may be New York’s hotspot for up-and-coming breweries, but that doesn’t mean there’s not room for a distillery, too. DNAinfo shares some cool news that Astoria Distilling Company is now in the works. The founder and Astoria resident, Chris Murillo, hopes to debut this summer with an old-fashioned style gin called “Queens Courage.” Here are a few details about the liquor, from the Astoria Distilling Company’s Facebook page:

    Queens Courage is a New York “Old Tom” style gin that is lighter than Dutch Genever, more full-bodied than London Dry, and with a subtle sweetness derived from naturally sweet botanicals, malts and honey. Queens Courage is the result of over a year and a half of research and development, and is formulated to be the ideal base spirit for classic cocktails developed in the 1800’s, when Old Tom gin was the most popular style of gin. Queens Courage’s flavor profile is also ideal for the creation of new cocktails, and the use of premium ingredients and the care with which Queens Courage is distilled makes it smooth enough to enjoy neat or on the rocks.

    Murillo will use a New York state distillery outside the city, although he hopes to eventually move the production to western Queens. He also hopes to include other types of spirits under the Astoria Distilling Company name. Once Queens Courage is ready, he will market it to local bars and restaurants. So far the company received permits to produce and sell liquor and is still waiting on final approvals from the State Liquor Authority and federal Division of Alcohol Tobacco and Trade.

    The Spirit of Queens Inspires Astoria Distilling Company [DNAinfo]

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