A reader sent in this photo with the following story: “Friday afternoon I was walking with my husband up Gates near Downing and we saw a group of suited men carrying folders who could only be real estate developers. We followed them to Broken Angel where they stood around looking at it and saying things like ‘this is a low risk deal’ and ‘the guy still lives there. He’ll say bad things about us but who cares. He doesn’t own a bead!’ and ‘the whole thing needs to come down, it’s not safe.’ “

This sign just went up on Washington Street around the corner from West Elm’s regular location at 75 Front Street. We’re not sure what “Market” refers to, but we’re dying to find out. Last month Dumbo NYC wrote that West Elm plans to debut a new store concept at 50 Washington. Could this be West Elm’s take on the heritage-influenced housewares stores that are popping up globally (Brook Farm General Store being the prime Brooklyn example)? Packaged artisanal groceries? Maybe both?

Erik Baard, the braintrust behind the Newtown Pippin project, recently posted a picture of the apple orchard at Queens College, and the trees are looking great!


Image source: Newtown Pippin Facebook page

Back in April, Erik and his band of merry Queens College volunteers planted 70 apple trees in front of Rathaus Hall – varieties include Burgundy, Chenango Strawberry, Florina Querina, Buckeye Gala, and Honeycrisp, among others.

We’re getting used to asks of $5 million and above in Brooklyn Heights, but as Curbed has already pointed out, $6 million is quite the ticket for a townhouse in Cobble Hill. As one might expect, the restoration of this one-family Italianate brownstone at 223 Warren Street appears pristine, at least in the photos. We’re lusting after the laboratory-like kitchen in the extension, and there are plenty of historic details as well, such as fireplaces and inlaid floors. But perhaps what accounts for the $6,000,000 price tag of this particular property is that it sits on a double lot and comes with a two-car garage. What do you think — will they get their ask?
223 Warren Street [TOWN Residential] GMAP P*Shark

There’s pretty much nothing bad one could say about this classic six at 90 8th Avenue in Prospect Park. The three-bedroom pad is in immaculate shape and chock-full of prewar charm. It’s on a corner too, so lots of light and views. The asking price is $1,599,000 for what we are guessing is about 1,800 square feet of space. Maintenance is $1,589 a month. You like?
90 8th Avenue #7D [Brown Harris Stevens] GMAP P*Shark

It looks like the Sands Street gate, the entryway into the Navy Yard, is nearly complete. The tower on the west side (pictured) is almost finished and the tower on the east side just started going up. This project has been in the works since 2009, when construction workers removed the wooden structure that covered the original gatehouse. Since then the Brooklyn Navy Yard has been restoring the brick and marble design back to its original splendor.
Work Restarted at Navy Yard’s Sands Street Gate [Brownstoner]
Sands Street Gate Restoration to Proceed [Brownstoner]
Navy Yard Launches Restoration of Sands Street Gate [Brownstoner]