Architects Build Williamsburg House out of Shipping Containers


This won’t be the first home in Williamsburg made out of shipping containers, but it’s still an interesting bit of architecture. Curbed got wind of the three-story, single-family home going up at 2 Monitor Street in East Williamsburg. Designed by LOT-EK, the house will be made of 21 stacked shipping containers sliced diagonally in varying shapes.

The slanted design allows for outdoor space on every level, including a small pool, an outdoor deck and a built-in BBQ pit. On the ground floor, the diagonal cut creates space for a driveway leading into a garage, as well as a cellar. The first floor has an “open kitchen, dining and living room,” and “the area right above the slanted floor holds a media/family room with tiered, bleacher-style seating,” according to LOT-EK. Then the kids’ bedrooms are on the second floor, and the master bed/bath is on the third.

We’ve included more renderings and pictures after the jump. What do you think of the design?

Angular Shipping Container House Gets Stacked in the ‘Burg [Curbed] GMAP
Photos by Curbed and Renderings by LOT-EK

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