DOB Shuts Down Sweater Factory


    That Greenpoint Blog whose name cannot be spoken brings us news that another illegal artist loft building has been shut down by the Department of Buildings. This time, it was a building at 239 Banker Street known as the Sweater Factory. The beleaguered past of the Sweater Factory, used as residential lofts, includes violation of its zoning as a transient hotel, lack of certificate of occupancy, stop work orders, violations of stop work orders, a $5,000 fine from the DOB, etc. Yesterday afternoon the DOB took off the kid gloves and vacated the building. According to That Greenpoint Blog (TGB), the fire department was not present, and the DOB’s vacate order declared that “occupancy is perilous to life.” The Red Cross was on hand to help find housing for displaced tenants and their pets, and TGB mentioned that the landlord was on site as well. GMAP P*Shark DOB
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