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Our tenants have asked to allow them to bring a small (under 20lbs) dog into their apartment – French bulldog, or something along those lines. We never had a dog of our own. Thus, we are hesitant, and would love to hear from more experienced landlords.

It might be useful to note that the tenants are roommates. They live upstairs from us, and one floor will be separating our apartment from the dog.


Hello wise, experienced Brownstoners,

My husband and I currently rent a 2BR/1BA in CG that we moved into Sept 2008 (height of rental market). We are clean, responsible tenants, and always pay the rent on time.

We think that we are currently overpaying by about 20% (maybe more–we have studied the comps). In addition, we pay heat and all utilities.

We would like to renew our lease at a reduced rate, but we are also looking to buy an apartment, so we would like some flexibility in our lease should we find something to buy in the next year. We do not underestimated the difficulties our landlord would face if we ended up needing to move in a non-prime rental month, and understand our responsibilities for finding a new tenant and giving plenty of notice, or being on the hook for the rent owed toward the remainder of the lease.

However, our landlord has offered a one-year lease renewal consisting of 9% reduction and no “right to cancel” or a 2 year lease with 8% reduction, no right to cancel 1st year and right to cancel in 2nd year with 3 months notice and 2 months penalty.

Does this seem reasonable? We are concerned that if we had to move, we would be unable to find an acceptable tenant at the “inflated” rent we are paying. Of course we cannot entirely predict what the market will do over the next year…

Thanks for the help!