Security Deposit


    This the apartment living room i think is not in bad condition at all.
    The pic of the drilling was done after they move out they haven’t clean the dust for about 11 months. After it was done.

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    1. You’re running a business, not being your tenants’ nanny. Complaining that no one cleaned up the dust from the hole that was drilled is petty and stupid. (Sure, I’d clean it up, but it often just doesn’t get done in some homes, I’ve noticed.) Complaining that the hole was drilled is also stupid – utilities drill to run cables – has happened since the telephone was invented. If you don’t want cable there, plug the hole – simple fix.

      Tiles generally crack because the floor under is not level. You are going to have to fix things as a landlord – get used to it. That’s not what the security deposit is for.

    2. The absolute most you should keep from the security deposit is the cost of the cleaning. The tiles are normal wear and tear, and the cable is unfortunate, but I would blame the cable installers more than the tenants – often they don’t even ask, they just drill, even when there is already a line in place.

    3. You spent 50,000 on that apartment with the photo in the previous post?!!

      Complaining about ‘dust’ does indeed make you sound petty. Do you mean something more than that? Dust hardly hangs around for a year. Installing a cable is done by the cable company and quite standard. And a few cracked tiles are no big deal.

    4. Ok, I stand corrected but you may want to either ask them what happened. I would get an estimate and based on the costs – consider if its worth the hassle to charge them or not.