Security Deposit


    There was also a extra hole in the wall ( from the living room going through to the kitchen throughout the framing wood of the pantry and going to the closet , they did to place the a cable for internet when it was a cable already existing without to let me know that they need to drill.
    Probably done when they move and the dust was still there.
    I did have to hire some one to clean the APT 2 days work in order to clean the place.

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    1. It’s infuriating when tenants have holes drilled in the walls/floors for cable installation when a cable already exists. But it’s inevitable if you didn’t spell it out to them that it was already there. Did you?

      I’ll also say that when our tenant left a few months ago, I spent an entire weekend + several evenings scrubbing every surface in the apartment. I was on a ladder cleaning above the window moldings and doorframes. I used a special brush to clean the radiators. Practically licked clean the bathroom tiles, refrigerator inside and out, kitchen cabinets etc etc.

      In spite of this I didn’t retain any portion of the security deposit because, realistically, tenants WILL leave dirt behind them and you just have to chalk it up to wear and tear. I also feel if you clean like a demon for the next tenants, they will be more inclined to maintain the space well.

    2. Yes, you do sound crazy. Based on the condition of the apartment and the strained landlord-tenant relations, I’d suggest you either fix up the place or lower the rent for the next tenant. Maybe you’ll be able to attract someone that will appreciate the apartment and you won’t be in constant battles.

    3. Yes Benoit, as per Rick’s excellent point, it seem that the apt wasn’t exactly in tip top condition to begin with. You may just want to let those things go and simply chuck it up to the cost of business. Based on that photo, the apt needs to be renovated anyway.

    4. You can’t charge tenants for a cable hole and dust. You can charge them for cleaning — if they did not leave it “broom clean.” Do you have photos? Your question about the cable hole makes you sound crazy. How many relative they had living on the premises has nothing to do with the security deposit.

    5. Your photo tells us far more about the condition of the apartment with or with out the hole. Can’t see the forest for the trees?