Security Deposit


    I have a tenant who just move out after 1 year renting my apartment.
    I did a inspection of the apartment and i discover some of the tiles in the kitchen( 3 tiles ) were crack and same in the bathroom (2 tiles) floor and wall.
    How can i estimate the cost so i can deduct it from the security deposit .

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    1. This is all normal wear and tear. Return their deposit and have a good day.

      Petty arguments like this give all landlords (including this one) a bad name.

    2. Five cracked five year old tiles constitutes normal wear and tear. It sounds like you’re trying to make up for your tenants’ family staying, which is something you should have addressed at the time.

    3. the reason i asking on here i want to be fair and have a opinion before from other peoples.
      And if they fell is fine they maybe renting your place right now.
      And would love to see if you will be happy about that when you invest 50000.00$on an apartment and time also.

    4. My last tenant the parents came for a 6 months visit and the nephew came also for 2 months during the same time and sometime the girl friend of my tenant so i have 4 to 5 persons on an 8oo Sq apartment.
      I don’t know if someone is renting an apartment and it end up to have the all family there full time will be happy about that.

    5. I do not have a remplacement tiles for the kitchen floor :(, but i do for the bathroom some for the bathroom.

    6. Your guess is what – that the tenant negligently took a hammer to 5 tiles to break them? My guess is that it’s normal wear and tear and you may have issues with floors that aren’t level resulting in tiles broken from normal walking traffic. Are you looking for an excuse to get some money because of your past complaints (Tenant Heat Complaint / Tenant family staying too long in the apartment) ?

    7. Do you have replacement tiles? A tub of tile adhesive will run you $8.

      If the floor beneath is uneven you’ve got a bigger project on your hands, but in that case you can’t blame the tenant.

    8. Do you think the tiles were damaged because of abuse by your tenant or by normal “wear and tear” during their year long tenancy?

      The best way is, to get an estimate on the costs of having the tiles replaced.