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Hi all – curious what you think it’d cost for a carpenter to install 5 interior pre-hung doors. Frames, hardware, trim, paint.

I’m thinking 4 days and $1500 plus cost of doors, hardware, etc.

Your numbers much appreciated.



My double entry doors need to be restored. Ideally, I’d like them stripped, stained if necessary, and sealed. They also need to be weather proofed against drafts. Has anyone had this done? What does it usually cost? Any recommendations? I’d like to get this done as soon as it warms up.


I need to replace a couple exterior and interior doors. Does anyone have a recommendation, a place that has good quality and some unique selections? Thanks.


I want to replace the missing doors on the two built in bookshelves on either side of my fireplace in a 1910 Brooklyn brownstone. Most houses on my block have the bookcases with the doors and I included a picture of a neighbor’s bookcase doors on this post. Does anyone know where I might be able to find replacements or recommend someone to build new ones?


I have a set of french doors available for anyone willing to pick them up. They were in my garage when I bought the house. About 4-5 panes of glass are missing from one of the doors. Aside from that, all they need is some sanding and painting. Free for anyone who wants to pick them up. E-mail me if interested.

rawlesawh at


I am changing interior closet doors.
Does anyone know the difference between solid core doors and Mdf doors covered with wood panels?
I know mdf are heavier. is this the only difference?

They are 8′ h.


I am looking two buy a pair of matching 30″ hardwood doors. I can repair holes, etc and will paint them over so the state of surface is not important.

so if anybody about to though them out, please drop me a line: eamnesia at yahoo dot com

I will pick them up.


Both pairs are in great condition.

Pocket Doors – 100″ (H) x 33″ (W) per panel (66″ total width for the pair)

Interior Swing Doors – 100″ (H) x 33″ (W) per panel (66″ total width for the pair)

Please email for details. taniyag(AT)gmail(DOT)com


I know this has been brought up before, but I’m having trouble finding the replies– any good recs for contrsctors who do this work?
I’ve already got the door, just need someone to make the brick opening taller (at the bottom, not messing with anything at the top or the width).
Please share any recs- thanks so much and happy shoveling!