Changing Back Door


    I have a steel door leading out to the yard and then a metal gate. The door swings inwards and is solid. I’d like to replace it with a door with a window at the top that (ideally) swings out. Is it possible to buy a door and put it into the existing frame? If so, where from? I seem to remember concrete being poured into the frame so I don’t want to replace that. It’s standard 32″ x 80″. Thanks for any help.

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    1. you cannot have the door open out and have the metal gate. No way to open the gate first, to then open the door.

    2. Concrete poured in frame?- sounds like a metal door buck (jamb).

      It is rather difficult to cut the hinge mortices into the jamb that is filled with concrete. Perhaps an less conventional hinge (pivot or continuous) would be easier if you are bent on keeping the jamb. Or… the concrete filled jamb may not be as hard to remove as it seems to be. In my experience the bond internal bond of the concrete is rather strong to the the steel jamb and weak to the masonry opening and they come out without great duress.

      The primary advantage to removing the existing jamb is that you will gain “daylight” (this refers to the opening of a jamb without the door installed) hence, you could have a larger door that fits your masonry opening better.