Non Standard Door Dimensions – Where to Find Door?


    I want to replace an exterior door on my extenstion and the dimensions are non-standard. Any ideas on where to get doors in non-standard sizes?

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    1. If you want a door ready to go into your existing opening(prehung) and that is perfect for a Brownstone/row house…I have the place. Check out: http://www.salvageantiquescom
      it can be delivered to your front door and installed. You really don’t want to get into cutting down a door…only if it is prehung, then you’re only manipulating the frame and not the beauty of the original door.

    2. It depends on what you consider non-standard. Some people may consider an 84″ door non-standard, yet there are several suppliers who consider them stock items (choice is limited, but there are some doors out there). As far as the width, most installations have to be trimmed anyway, so if you are looking at 35″ door, a 36″ would be the choice. If you are looking at a 38″ door, I can take a 36″ and add wood to both sides and you will hardly see the modification – even on stain grade.

      If those don’t sound like choices, call me, I can make you any size door you want out of any wood you would like.


    3. You can have it custom-built (very expensive), or you can just buy a wooden door the next largest standard size and cut the door down to the size of your opening. That’s what we did.