Hanging My Own Pocket Door


    I’m trying to build in a pocket door where there was none. I know Lowe’s has stuff, but I’m putting in an old solid brownstone door which is fairly heavy and I don’t totally trust their stuff will hold up. Any idea where I could find a more heavy duty upper rolling track mechanism? I need it this weekend so online is out.
    Thanks for any advice!

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    1. Kamco has them, butu sometimes they don’t know it.

      You will need to discard most of the kit because your door is probably thicker than modern. So you’ll have to frame a decent header to hang the brackets on.

      Take your time to get the wall thickness correct. Normally we have to custom rip the frame. Try to use metal stud, heavy gauge to reinforce the wall. Remember the thicker the door, the thinner the wall skins will be.

      Normally we build a 2X6 wall if we know we will be hanging a custom antique pocket door.

      The trick is mortise installing the blind hardware in the door, so “youse” can pull it out of the pocket. You didn’t forget that did you?

      We lucked out on getting some damaged pocket doors from which we extracted original brass hardware.

    2. We did the same thing, and got our hardware from Johnson Hardware (johnsonhardware.com) Terrific quality. They have all kinds of pocket door kits, depending on the size and weight of the doors, and how they are to be mounted. You can also get them from Home Depot or homedepot.com.

    3. Design Source/Dave Sanders at 115 or 107 Bowery, Blueman Hardware 153 Bowery or Simons Hardware 421 3rd Ave. Haffle makes good products but it will cost you around $200 depending on the load rating

    4. You should try Simon’s Hardware & Bath located at
      421 3rd Ave New York, NY 10016
      Phone: 212-532-9220

      they close at 5:30pm today

      you can purchase a top of the line track with swivel carriers for your door at this location.

      hope that helps.