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I’m trying to do a little Spring cleaning. I have a nice pair of antique press back chairs in oak. Asking $250. for the pair.


A vintage model boat in the window of Victorian Antiques on 403 Tomkins Ave Bed Stuy lured me in. Nice guy owns the place and he’s got nice vintage door knobs/fixtures for sale and also brownstone appropriate furniture. However, he’s attached to the ship and won’t sell at this moment.


**Price – $1,000.00 (Cash Only)

For 100 years old these doors are in excellent condition. The glass has the original beveled edges. The door nob/plate, mail slot , and hinges are original brass hardware. The doors have been painted on both sides (only one coat as you can see the very attractive grain markings).

Doors are located in my cellar in Windsor Terrace, buyer pick up only – No delivery.

82 inches Height x 24 inches Width x 2 inches Depth

The doors are very heavy solid oak door.

See more pictures go here…

If interested please call 347-879-0470.

**Similar doors in worse condition are being sold for $1,200.00 at Olde Good Things. Check the link below:


I have an old pedestal sink (has a TM of 1902 on bottom) we cannot use in renovation (Kensington) that I want to sell, but have no idea how to price it. Is there anyone that can help me with suggestions? Thanks.


Have a clawfoot tub I am trying to keep, wanted to have it reglazed, but seems that its a cheap that will not last. So I am committed to re-enameling the tub, but I can’t find a company to do it.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I was also wondering if there would be a ceramic artist who would be able to do the same job, but with more of an artistic twist?

I tried some links I found, but they seem to be for reglazing a tub with a spray.