Two Questions…


    Planning two reno projects, and I could use two bits of community wisdom.
    1) What might I expect to get for selling an old clawfoot tub in fine condition?
    2) In a non-landmarked Slope building, are there legal height restrictions on backyard fencing?

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    1. I kept one tub and gave another away.

      It seems that many people use the light weight composites. They have a similar look (ie: some Kohler products); but they are so much lighter than the original iron tubs.

      The older tubs are both REALLY heavy (even when empty) and heavy on the charm.

      Perhaps if you offer to deliver, someone will pay for it–

    2. If the tub is in great condition and shiny you could get $400 for it. Depends on the size as well.

    3. I think you could get up to $200 for the tub. Salvage places sell them for a bit more.

    4. You should post a picture of the clawfoot. I am looking for one with all 4 feet intact (ours recently collapsed bc of a problem foot)

    5. OP, call Moon River Chattel about the tub. Probably won’t get a lot of cash but perhaps something.