Can Someone Help Identify This Piece??


    Found this a few years back, haven’t been able to make a connection to its original purpose. Seems to be made of a kind of Plexi Glass & Mirror.

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    1. cool thanks everyone, I guess its just something that may not be valuable, but just cool to have, I was thinking of installing it in the mancave inside of the wall and back light it. Guess I will never really know where its origin really came from. How much is it typically to have something like this appraised?

    2. If you want to sell it; have it properly appraised.
      It may be–well, –all of the above.

      That aside, I think it’s a fun piece!

    3. Wasn’t there something similar on here a few years ago & it turned out to be decor from that ice cream parlor that used to be on the corner of 3rd St at the Park?

    4. It looks to me like it’s fairly modern (last 35 years or so) so I’m guessing it was just some decorative thing someone made, maybe to be part of a brownstone to look ‘authentic’.

      I don’t think it’s old enough to have had some initial purpose (i.e. part of a Coney Island boardwalk cart service or something).

    5. It looks like one of the faux stain glass pieces that I used to see as a kid at Farrell’s an old fashioned ice cream parlor in California. I have seen other pieces like this in diners and amusement parks.

    6. Didn’t you post a picture of this before?

      Would look great in my mancave next to my upright player piano.

    7. VERY “70s faux Victorian; even more so that the plexi “Tiffany” dragonfly shade that used to hang over my kitchen table.