Old Brass Multi-Family Mailbox Repair/Parts?


    have a 6 unit apartment building in queens. in the lobby is an old brass mailbox where the top half opens up for the mailman to put the letters in, and the bottom half is divided into 6 separate units for the tenants.

    the top half has one big pin that holds it in place and it looks like the pin broke. (probably the mailman did it)

    anyone know a place that sells replacement parts or someone who can come fix it? i would hate to get a new one since all the new ones are ugly…this is shiny brass with integrated door bells that looks gorgeous.

    its from ‘auth elec spec co new york’ but when checking their site they only have new parts.

    any help would be greatly appreciated
    thanks very much

    2 Replies

    1. Yes, repost with a photo. This is likely a “roll pin.” If the brass hinge portion itself is damaged, a good metalsmith can braze it. I’m guessing it’s definitely repairable.

    2. can you describe the pin in more detail or re-post with a photo? If it is like a hinge pin, you could buy a hinge and just use the pin…