Help Me with this one Too Please


    Also found this work in that Abandoned Brownstone we cleaned out for the new owners who are my friends, its original, drawn out by what I think is Pencil, there is some script writing in the back, I can barely read it though, seems like a message of some sort. Can anyone help me again with age, value etc.

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    1. I cannot find a signature, it may be below the frame, but the paper is so fragile I dont want to touch it. LOL at Pawn Stars, those guys are great lol…

    2. If it is an original it could definitely be worth something. All that depends on who drew it or when it was drawn. If the frame is nice that alone could be worth something. No year or signature of any kind?

    3. It is original, I could not find a signature on it, however in the back there is what seems to be a note written in script, its a bit dusty and i did not want to ruin it so i left it alone. Do u think it has value?

    4. Looks like 1950s commercial art. Is it a print or an original? Is it signed?

      Send a photo of your finds to an auction house such as Butterfield.