Removing Floor Wax


    Our dark floors on the parlor floors in our new place have these weird watery looking streaks across them that we can’t remove with regular cleaning products. Could that be wax? If so, how do we get it off? It seems like a huge project and you have to know what you doing.

    I think the seller’s housecleaner who was hired to clean before closing in April waxed the parlor floor – the other floors are fine. We found a tub of wax in a closet. The floors looked great at closing but were really slippery and now there are these weird streaks. I’ve always had wood floors but never dealt with wax. Any advice appreciated.

    The floors are engineered wood floors in – otherwise – great condition.


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    1. Sorry, I just saw the part about your floors being engineered; I would try the mineral spirits in a small area. Stripper or screening would probably ruin the floors.


    2. If this were the proper wax, such as Butchers or Bowling Alley wax, it should not have made the white streaks, even over polyurethane. You have a couple options here:

      I suspect it can be screened off, which should remove most of the wax but not the wax which has settled into scratches or into low spots on the floor which the screen does not contact. This will also take many screens as the wax will clog them.

      You may be able to use mineral spirits to remove the wax. If I had to use mineral spirits to do this, I would consider using a buffing pad along with the spirits. Of course, we have a large machine which I would put a buffing pad under.

      You can also use wax stripper, but that may also remove poly (I think; we used to strip gym floors with a stripper; I am not sure what kind and if it was a wax stripper or a stripper made for the poly gym floor finish(my boss handed it to me and told me to use it); it was not like the stripper we use for paint, etc).

      You will want to test an area. I would consider trying the mineral spirits in a small area.