Wood Floor Refinishing Verrazano?


    Anyone have experience with Verrazano Flooring? I have seen their trucks around the neighborhood. We just moved into our dream home, and want to repair and refinish the parquet floors in our bedroom, and put a new floor in the badly damaged pine subfloor in the living room.
    We are never going to move and will only fix our floors once!

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    1. I highly recommend Verrazano Flooring. They just installed a new rift and quartered white oak floor in our parlor–and it is BEAUTIFUL! The owner Frank helped us decide what kind of floor would work, what color stain, etc. Their workers are extremely courteous, on time and don’t make a huge mess.

      They were recommended to me by a friend on my block who hired them to do repair and sanding work on his old floors, they did a really great job on his floors, too.

    2. we used Verazzano and they were fine but not amazing and not cheap.

      We just did a bunch of research to get new wood floors installed. Our favorite was Unique Floors based in queens. Call them for a refinishing quote. You can find reviews of Unique on this forum.

    3. Something is lacking in customer service when they can do great work, so they know what it is, but won’t step up to correct when their guys mess up.

    4. I’ve seen great work by them, too. Too bad it is a crap shoot whether you’ll get great or terrible from them.

    5. I know people sometimes knock verrazano, but I have seen their work and think it is very good. A customer of mine was extremely please with what they did for them.


    6. I just had my floors done in January. What I did was kind of complex so I asked the owner of W.D. Lockwood to recommend a flooring guy who was familiar with the product I was using. I was dying my maple floors a walnut color using Lockwood’s anilene dye (which is the only way to successfully stain maple). I interviewed Steven who they recommended along with others that had been recommended on this forum and elsewhere. I chose Steven and his Hungarian crew not just because of his knowledge of the product but his knowledge of wood flooring at the highest level. In short the floors are flawless. They produced two test mock-ups, scraped and sanded, dyed with the anilene dye, evened with a little stain (retouching difficult areas by hand), put a first coat of finish that was half tung oil half oil based poly and then finished with two more coats of poly.
      All this was done within the range of quotes I had received from others for much less work.
      I’m an architect so I’ve seen my share of flooring jobs, These are exceptional. Steven – 646-963-3057

    7. Hi hbparkslope,

      I’ve written about Verrazano before here and it was not a positive review. I would get a quote from them and several others – ask them all specifically what is the process to do your type of floor. For example – how many coats of poly does your company recommend for xyz floors? The sanding process, etc. How long will the job take? Do you have any referrals or current jobs I can visit? Etc.

      I did not ask these questions because I had no experience with floor refinishing and trusted Verrazano as an expert. I ended up with floors that I had to refinish AGAIN after 4 years.

      I would also get a quote from Inti Wood Floors (www.intirenovation). I’ve used them before and they gave me a detailed estimate. Call their floor guy directly, his name is Carlos Salazar – 646-281-2659. Again, ask all the people you call to walk you through a project or at least give you some past clients to call or email as a reference.

      Good Luck,
      Allan S.

    8. Have heard great experiences, and terrible (like having to hire another company to fix/finish the job terrible). Depends on the crew you get. I’d look for a company with tighter quality control, or a smaller operation where you’d get the same workers as whomever recommended them to you had do their work.