Struggle Over Controversial LICH Development Rocks Cobble Hill Neighborhood Association


    The Long Island College Hospital development is beginning to affect neighbor relations. A group of 24 Cobble Hill residents and members of the Cobble Hill Association (CHA) sent out a press release Wednesday calling for the ouster of its first vice president and acting president Roy Sloane.

    Some members of the CHA, which staunchly opposed the sale of the former hospital, feel Sloane is not fighting the development as strongly as he should be.

    The plans of developer Fortis Property Group — to build high-rise residential towers on the LICH site — have garnered passionate opposition from locals who feel the buildings will be out of scale with the surrounding areas. Despite Sloane’s more than 35 years with the CHA, some members feel his private meetings with Fortis are yielding few of the changes the community desires.

    In a press release, the CHA further accuses Sloane of not being truly invested in Cobble Hill, quoting a July 17 Crain’s article where Sloane admitted he would “decamp to his peach farm upstate” should the neighborhood change not to his liking. The release goes on to allege Sloane is unwilling to share his leadership or fill board vacancies.

    Sloane, officially the CHA’s current vice president, has been the group’s acting president since former president Dave Abraham left town, the Brooklyn Eagle reported. However, having already served the two-term limit as president, Sloane is barred from serving as the official president.

    A former CHA president told the Brooklyn Eagle that ousting Sloane would weaken the opposition to LICH development. Sloane also responded with a statement to the Eagle, saying, “The LICH site redevelopment is the greatest single challenge Cobble Hill has faced in the 35 years I have served as a volunteer for this community…I hope any new CHA leadership will continue to fight to preserve and protect the Cobble Hill Historic District, as well as address the needs of the greater community as a whole.”

    The group of 24 have called a special meeting to discuss the removal of Sloane as a CHA officer and the election of members to fill board vacancies, such as the position of president. It will take place at 7 p.m. on Thursday, September 10, at the Cobble Hill Health Center at 380 Henry Street. The public is welcome, but only members can vote.

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