Photo of City Council Chamber by Barbara Eldredge. Photo of Bill de Blasio by Kevin Case via Wikipedia

Mayor de Blasio has won.

He and the City Council have hammered out a compromise on the mayor’s contentious affordable housing plan — the one some Brooklyn residents feared would wreck their neighborhoods with tall buildings and out-of-control rents. Now the City Council is expected to vote yes on it next week, according to the New York Times.

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Park Slopers heckled developer Avery Hall Investments at a February meeting. Photo by Hannah Frishberg

Irate Park Slopers have won over local politicians in their fight for more affordable apartments and a larger supermarket for the planned development at 120 5th Avenue, currently the site of a large and relatively inexpensive Key Food grocery store.


Pier 6. Photo by Barbara Eldredge

The battle over housing at Pier 6 continues. Activist groups released three new studies on Monday, concluding that no housing should be built at the site. Meanwhile, the Empire State Development Corporation (ESD) has not yet approved a modification to the park’s General Project Plan that would permit affordable housing at the proposed development.