Apartments Will Replace Standalone Arts and Crafts House on Bushwick Avenue Corner

Rendering via Threefold


A standalone Arts and Crafts house — a rare survivor from a time gone by — on a Bushwick Avenue corner down near the graveyards was demolished in April. It, like so many other wood-frame buildings in Brooklyn on oversize lots, has been torn down to make way for apartments.

The lot, which stands at 1411 Bushwick Avenue on the corner of Moffat Street, is slated to become the home of a 5.5-story, 12-unit building — most likely condos, like other recent projects from its developer.

brooklyn real estate 1411 bushwick avenue development

Photo via Threefold

That company, Threefold, has developed a handful of mid-sized condo buildings nearby, such as one at 629 Dekalb Avenue in Bed Stuy. The company’s offices are not far, on Ralph Avenue in Bed Stuy.

The architect of record is Queens-based ARC Architecture + Design Studio, which has designed dozens of similar apartment buildings in the area and across Brooklyn for such as Brookland Capital — another Bed Stuy developer that specializes in small and mid-size condo buildings.

brooklyn real estate 1411 bushwick avenue development

Photo by Seán Devlin

A rendering of the exterior shows what appears to be steel framing forming a boxy exoskeleton over alternating sections of brick and floor-to-ceiling windows. The balconies and roof have glassy barriers.

The exoskeleton design is reminiscent of a much larger building at the other end of Broadway, in Williamsburg: Morris Adjmi’s The Williams, at 282 South 5th Street. The alternating patterns of brick and glass seem like a modern version of the Victorian brick facades of Amzi Hill’s 19th century corner apartment buildings, with their patterns of brickwork and chimneys, which dot Bed Stuy.

At ground level, the facade is plain concrete, and there is parking, the rendering shows. There will be an elevator, and every unit will have a balcony and storage, according to the developer’s website.

brooklyn real estate 1411 bushwick avenue development

Rendering via Threefold

An interior rendering shows a living room with what appears to be pale oak flooring, contemporary recessed lighting and a built-in niche under a media viewing screen.

Somewhat improbably here in land-locked Bushwick, the room’s large bank of windows shows a sweeping view of the East River. In fact, the Manhattan skyline can be viewed from the elevated subway platform one block away at the Chauncey Street J station — but not the river.

There will be two two-bedroom units and 10 one-bedroom apartments, including a duplex, according to the developer. The project will measure out to just over 15,000 square feet in total. The lot is a large one, at 27 by 125 feet.

brooklyn development real estate 1411 bushwick avenue

Photo by Seán Devlin

An LLC, presumably Threefold, bought the house for $1.55 million in July 2016. The seller bought the house in 2009 for $415,000. Before that, it had been in the same family going back at least to the early 1980s, public records show.

While condos are unusual at this end of the neighborhood, new rental buildings and renovations of old ones are popping up all over Bushwick. A number of recent residential projects can be seen along this stretch of Bushwick Avenue, such as new apartment buildings and additions and renovations to multi-family townhouses. The demolition of wood-frame houses to make way for apartments is part of a borough-wide trend.

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