Addressing the Rodent Problem Near AY


    Atlantic Yards Report attended a community forum last night about rodent infestation near the arena construction site and reports that though only a “handful” of residents were in attendance, those who were there said they were concerned about rat problems continuing. A resident who lives on Pacific Street between 4th Avenue and Flatbush said “you have to walk shaking your keys” in the evening in order to ward off rodents. (In June some residents alleged that there’s a “rat tsunami” near the site.) The city maintains that blame for the infestation can’t be pinned solely on Atlantic Yards construction. A state official noted that Forest City Ratner “had not been properly disposing of trash, but had since improved performance by hiring new staff and dedicating baskets for food waste.” Meanwhile, a Forest City Ratner rep said 250 garbage cans had been given out to residents in order to try to contain waste in the area.
    At Meeting on Rats, Recognition That the Multi-Faceted Problem Persists [AY Report]

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