Bedford Avenue’s Three Big Construction Sites: Apple Store, Whole Foods, Salvation Army

The site after the store was demolished. Photo by Steve Sherman


We recently toured the three biggest construction projects on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg: The Salvation Army at 176 Bedford Avenue, the Whole Foods store going up at 242 Bedford Avenue, and the Apple store going in at 247 Bedford Avenue.

Nothing much has changed at the Salvation Army site, pictured above, which is to be expected. The charity is in the process of selling the property to a developer but nothing has hit public records yet.

A few blocks down at the Whole Foods site, progress is achingly slow. Some additional structure and netting recently appeared on the metal frame that reached two stories some months ago.

At the Apple store, they have been working quickly despite the heavy snows this winter. The foundation is coming along, although cement had not yet been poured when we stopped by April 2. Click through for lots more photos. 


Above, Whole Foods on the Bedford Avenue side. Below, the Berry side in late March.


Below, shots outside and inside the Apple store going up across the street from Whole Foods.







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