Sheepshead Bay


Trader Joe’s: Opening Next Friday?
130 Court Street (at Atlantic Avenue)
Lost City snapped some photos of the newly installed signage at Trader Joe’s and describes the scene: “Burly men were busy loading in boxes through the front entrance. Progress has been made, but a lot more must be done in the next two weeks if the store is to open at the end of September as promised.” The Brooklyn Paper says they’re set to open next Friday, September 26.

James Scores One Star
605 Carlton Avenue (St. Marks Avenue), Prospect Heights; (718) 942-4255
“[Chef Bryan] Calvert owns and manages it with his wife, Deborah Williamson. They live in the apartment smack above the space it inhabits, which used to belong to Restaurant Sorrel. When Sorrel went out of business they pounced, recognizing an easy commute when they saw one… It’s an example of how quietly sophisticated the food at restaurants fashioned as affordable neighborhood bistros has become. No bigger, brasher restaurant around town served me an heirloom tomato salad this summer that I enjoyed any more than one at James.” [NY Times]

The Village Voice “Bagel Smackdown!”
The Voice‘s Sarah DiGregorio and Robert Sistema sampled bagels from Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan in hopes of finding the best in the city. They weren’t so impressed with Bagel Boy, which has locations in Bay Ridge and Sheepshead Bay, but Park Slope’s Bagel Hole got high marks — and won the prize for Best Pumpernickel Bagel.

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Photo by EmpressM

Lobster Rolls on the Cheap
Chow’s Outer Borough Digest is discussing the Brooklyn’s best lobster rolls, from the splurge-worthy $33 roll at Brooklyn Fish Camp to the best budget rolls. The quarter-pounder roll for $14.95 at Jordan’s Lobster Dock gets a nod, as does the Fairway roll (pictured above) which costs a mere $8.99. It sounds a bit too good to be true, but Serious Eats gets behind Fairway’s lobster roll, too: “if you are a lobster-loving-cheapo (like me) you are going to love this one.”

Big Scandals in Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo
McBrooklyn is following the Busy Chef saga. Here’s the short version — manager Dan Kaufman was arrested for identity theft and credit card forgery after he allegedly stole $25,000 from customers. McBrooklyn says that both Busy Chef locations, the Blue Pig ice cream shop, and Oven restaurant are all closed for business… Meanwhile, Grimaldi’s was shut down by the state for 5 hours last week due to unpaid taxes. The Brooklyn Paper reports that “the pizzeria owed as much as $165,000.”

Quick Bites
Time Out New York says that Williamsburger is now open at 342 Wythe Avenue… Eater reports that Kate’s Brooklyn Joint on Berry and South 2nd in Williamsburg has closed and will be replaced a Mexican place called La Superior. It’ll be “cheap and open late” and is set to open August 4… Eater also says that Brooklyn BarBQ at 6th and 20th is closed and will be reopening next month as Safe Haven Bar and GrillA Brooklyn Life recommends Fat Cat WinesBergenCarroll complains that the smoothies at Nectar aren’t made with 100% real fruit… And The Brooklyn Paper laments the closing of Tea Lounge on 7th Avenue in Park Slope.

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