Affordable Lottery Opens for 18 Units in Sheepshead Bay, Starting at $1,650 a Month

Photo via NYC Housing Connect


An affordable housing lottery has opened for 18 units in an eight-story building under construction at 2633 Ocean Avenue in Sheepshead Bay.

Of the affordable apartments, there are eight studios, four one-bedroom units and six two-bedroom units. Monthly rents start at $1,650 and top out at $2,200.

The lottery is set at an area median income range of 130 percent for all of the units. Eligible incomes range between $56,572 and $159,640 for households of one to five people.

There are 19 parking spaces for cars and 30 spaces for bicycles underground, with an additional 11 spaces for cars on the ground floor. Retail will take up the rest of the ground floor, with a laundry room and recreation space for tenants on the second floor. Above are all the residential units, 60 in total according to building permits.

The site in 2011. Photo by Nicholas Strini for PropertyShark

The property was previously an empty lot next to a gas station that still exists. Hopefully, the smell of gasoline can’t be detected from the apartments.

Photo via NYC Housing Connect

Zproekt Architects is behind the design. Based in South Brooklyn, they have worked on a number of similarly sized residential projects in the borough, including the futuristic-looking Element 88, an eight-story building at 88 Withers Street in Williamsburg that resembles architecture from the movie “Blade Runner.”

Michael Lilikakis is listed as the owner on building permits.

Photo via NYC Housing Connect

Applications for the affordable housing lottery must be submitted by January 25, 2021. Apply through NYC Housing Connect.

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