Wednesday Food & Drink Round-Up


Photo by EmpressM

Lobster Rolls on the Cheap
Chow’s Outer Borough Digest is discussing the Brooklyn’s best lobster rolls, from the splurge-worthy $33 roll at Brooklyn Fish Camp to the best budget rolls. The quarter-pounder roll for $14.95 at Jordan’s Lobster Dock gets a nod, as does the Fairway roll (pictured above) which costs a mere $8.99. It sounds a bit too good to be true, but Serious Eats gets behind Fairway’s lobster roll, too: “if you are a lobster-loving-cheapo (like me) you are going to love this one.”

Big Scandals in Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo
McBrooklyn is following the Busy Chef saga. Here’s the short version — manager Dan Kaufman was arrested for identity theft and credit card forgery after he allegedly stole $25,000 from customers. McBrooklyn says that both Busy Chef locations, the Blue Pig ice cream shop, and Oven restaurant are all closed for business… Meanwhile, Grimaldi’s was shut down by the state for 5 hours last week due to unpaid taxes. The Brooklyn Paper reports that “the pizzeria owed as much as $165,000.”

Quick Bites
Time Out New York says that Williamsburger is now open at 342 Wythe Avenue… Eater reports that Kate’s Brooklyn Joint on Berry and South 2nd in Williamsburg has closed and will be replaced a Mexican place called La Superior. It’ll be “cheap and open late” and is set to open August 4… Eater also says that Brooklyn BarBQ at 6th and 20th is closed and will be reopening next month as Safe Haven Bar and GrillA Brooklyn Life recommends Fat Cat WinesBergenCarroll complains that the smoothies at Nectar aren’t made with 100% real fruit… And The Brooklyn Paper laments the closing of Tea Lounge on 7th Avenue in Park Slope.

After the jump: Condo tours under the influence of strawberry daiquiris and a guide to Brooklyn’s Chinatown…

Forté’s Rooftop Tiki Bar
Every Wednesday this summer from 6pm to 8pm, the new rooftop tiki bar (pictured above) atop the Forté condominiums at 230 Ashland Place will host “open houses featuring tropical cocktails, classic summer films and tours of four model homes.”

Exploring Brooklyn’s Chinatown
With the help of tour guide Tom Mylan, “whole animal butcher for the Marlow and Sons empire and Meat Sensei at The Brooklyn Kitchen,” Brooklyn Based leads you to all the best eats in Brooklyn’s Chinatown. One of the highlights is Lan Zhou, where the “crispy, bone-in duck was so good it made me want to slap not only my mama but your mama.”

Uncle Louie Won’t Break Your 20
One Eater tipster spotted a sign in the window of Uncle Louie’s ice cream shop on Smith Street that reads, “NOT Taking $20 bills for orders under $9 At All.” The folks at Eater think that’s out of line: “If you only have $20s, a common predicament after a trip to the ATM, you should be able to be able to buy an ice cream cone, a pack of gum, or anything you want under this arbitrary $9 cutoff.”

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