Trendy Twins Opening Up a Cajun Spot on Myrtle


The blog The World’s Best Ever posted a photo of a storefront on Myrtle Avenue with the word “Swag” spelled out on an old theater marquee and asked the question: “Can somebody please explain?” Turns out Myrtle Minutes already has: “The nearly 1000sf storefront at 503 Myrtle Avenue has been vacant for almost a decade. Come early Spring, Dee & Ricky’s will be all moved in. The 20-seat restaurant will feature delectable Cajun, Soul and Caribbean dishes.” The restaurant is named twins who have a design firm, Dee & Ricky Jackson. They’ll manage the business along with owner Alvin Wray. The message on marquee has been changing for the past week or so. The restaurant will hopefully be open by Labor Day and will sport a “whimsical mural and lots of Lego-inspired surprises.” Sweet! GMAP

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