The Smith and 9th Street Station Is Finally Open!


Finally! After two years of reconstruction, the Smith and 9th Street subway station is up and running again. Marty Markowitz came out for the ribbon cutting, held at 11 am today. This subway station, the only one for residents of lower Carroll Gardens and Red Hook, is now sporting an expanded street-level control house, a new metal escalator enclosure, rehabilitated stairs and platforms, new lighting, closed-circuit television and a fancy PA system. After the jump, check out lots of photos and details of the new artwork gracing the station. It was all designed by artist Alyson Shotz, a Red Hook resident who was inspired by local maritime history. Above is pictured the art piece surrounding the entrance to the station, which is actually the highest station in New York City. The design is based on the design of a boat hull.
Ribbon cutting photo via Twitter

Photo via the MTA

Photo via Twitter
More details on the 14-foot-tall mosaic from the MTA: “The rear wall of the station building may seem like an abstract line drawing created in stainless steel against a vivid blue tile mosaic background. As one moves closer, it is revealed as a nautical map, with numbers for depth and letters for directions. The mosaic map was adapted from a 1779 nautical map of New York Harbor as seen from the shoreline of Brooklyn.” It was fabricated by Mosaika Art & Design.

From the MTA: “There are 26 windows etched with silver reflective ink in layers of glass that create a prismatic effect as one passes them. Each features a different historic nautical map of the waters that are in the general direction the viewer is facing.”

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