Protests Against a Pawn Shop on Franklin


The Crow Hill Community Association sent us a petition against a pawn shop looking to move into 641-649 Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights, within the same building of the laundromat on Franklin and Park. They point out the illegal construction happening there, its proximity to a drug and alcohol rehab facility, and the feeling that “this pawn shop will encourage theft.” The petition also points out that it will “degrade the atmosphere of the street” and is a “recipe for disaster.” Commenters on Brooklynian noted an impromptu protest happened last Thursday outside the storefront. But as one commenter puts it, “I do actually agree that a pawn shop is likely not the best fit for this area, but really, where is the line drawn? Do we protest the 24-hour chicken place, because corner dealers may decide to get some wings at 3:am? Subways run 24/7 in this town, I bet certain types of miscreants make use of it. Let’s boycott subways as well.”

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