Open and Shut


    Hurricane Sandy
    There are still ways to help out hurting restaurants and businesses damaged by the hurricane. Tonight is the rescheduled Dumbo Rebuild Fundraiser, which helps fund businesses that were flooded in Dumbo. And this Saturday, Momofuku chefs will join forces with the Dumbo restaurant Governor to help raise funds for the 30-plus employees affected in the past few weeks. All the details about the six-course lunch planned are right here. Food blog Fork in the Road has a great post up about the state of many Red Hook restaurants and how you can help out. Red Hook Lobster Pound, for one, started an online fundraiser to rebuild the restaurant on Van Brunt Street. Fork in the Road also has lots of information and photos about all the restaurants still closed in Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach. Brooklyn favorite Randazzo’s Clam Bar vowed to reopen before Thanksgiving. (The Randazzo interior is pictured; photo via Sheepshead Bites.)

    Zagat checks out Skytown, the two-month-old Bushwick restaurant opened up by Smorgasburg vets. The Williamsburg DVD rental store Videology has transformed itself into a bar and screening room (and you can still rent videos there). Gothamist has pics. And the Williamsburg discount store Peachfrog is shuttering, but not without a massive 50 percent off sale before they go.

    In South Slope, a home decor and jewlery shop called La Casa Artesanal opened up on 5th Avenue between 12th and 13th streets. Further north, a small wine bar and pizzeria called Piccola Uva opened up at 165 7th Avenue. And the Flatbush Avenue Five Guys is up for rent. Over in Brooklyn Heights, a Subway sandwich shop is slated for the corner of Atlantic and Hicks, right next to Montero’s. And in Dumbo, the reRun Gastropub Movie Theater has returned to Rerun Bar on Jay Street.

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