Hot Bird in Clinton Hill Bans Kids


Banning kids in bars — it’s not just for Park Slope any more. Hot Bird in Clinton Hill, a staple for the stroller set because of its outdoor space, has nixed children altogether and posted a sign that says “Children are not allowed,” said The New York Post.

“Kids shouldn’t be running around where people are trying to drink and hook up,” the paper quoted one patron, Sophia Black, 27, as saying. The bar made the move after being “swamped” by families, said the Post. “There was a time when there were too many people bringing small children here,” said a bartender. “It became an issue. So we put up the sign.”

Is it just us or does it seem like more neighborhoods have Park Slope levels of children and strollers lately?

Brooklyn Pub Bans Kids After Being Swamped by Families [NY Post]

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