Fort Greene Condo Owners Sue Developers Over Nonexistent Certificate of Occupancy


The condo board of 96 Rockwell Place has filed a lawsuit against the building’s developers in New York State Supreme Court because the building has no permanent certificate of occupancy. The conversion of the former piano factory was finished in 2009 and a temporary c of o expired in July, according to a story in The Real Deal. “The lapsed TCO has all but halted the ability of the condominium’s residents to sell, refinance, [or] obtain homeowner’s insurance, but even worse, may have caused many unit owners to default on their mortgages,” said the suit. The building was converted by Joshua Landau and Eric Derector. “The sponsor’s interest is, and always has been aligned with the condominium board,” said Landau said in an email to The Real Deal. “The Department of Buildings has granted numerous TCOs in the past for the premises and we are working diligently to resolve any additional requirements they may have. We expect the matter to be resolved as soon as possible.” In July, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman told the developers to offer to let buyers out of their contracts, after the condo board complained about construction and financing problems with the building.

Fort Greene Condo Board Sues Over Missing CofO [TRD]

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