Closing Bell: Traffic Art Proposal Needs Funding


The “Silent Lights” art installation proposed for Hamilton Avenue near West 9th Street, right under the BQE where Carroll Gardens meets Red Hook, has got some attention already, but the artists group is still seeking donations to make it happen. According to Community Board Six, Artist Build Collaborative plans to liven up the dark path with arches that will light up with bursts of color from thousands of LEDs in response to ambient noise — most of it coming from the heavy traffic in this location. Pedestrians will be able to travel underneath the arches. While some of the proposal will be funded by the Department of Transportation, the artists still need to raise $20,000. If you’d like to contribute, you can make either a tax-deductible donation to Community Board Six or a non-tax-deductible donation straight to the artists. The group is currently testing the proposal and hopes to begin installation by March 31, 2013.

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