Top 5 Stories on Brownstoner This Week: Paying Your Rent or Mortgage During the Covid-19 Crisis

A shuttered business in Fort Greene Monday. Photo by Craig Hubert


    Here’s What to Do If You Can’t Pay Rent or Mortgage Due to Coronavirus

    If someone is out of work thanks to the coronavirus crisis and can’t pay the rent or mortgage, what can they do? The situation is changing rapidly so what works today may not apply tomorrow.


    Photo by Mary Hautman

    Coronavirus Surges in Hasidic Brooklyn as Schools Remain Open and Weddings Continue

    Despite a ban on gatherings of nearly any size and calls for social distancing, Hasidic schools continued to operate Tuesday and weddings proceeded as usual last week.

    cobble hill trader joe's

    The line at Trader Joe’s in Cobble Hill Wednesday. Photo by Susan De Vries

    Brooklyn Coronavirus Update and Open Thread: Cuomo Gets Serious (3/23/20)

    We’re in our second week of sheltering at home. Cuomo warned Sunday this thing will drag on and be much worse than it needs to be if New Yorkers don’t take social distancing seriously, and he also said the federal government needs to step up and handle supplies of masks and ventilators.

    store closed

    W. C. Drafting in Downtown Brooklyn. Photo by Susan De Vries

    Help Is on the Way for Tenants, Homeowners, Landlords Who Can’t Pay Rent, Mortgage

    What to do when the money stops? With mass layoffs, work stoppages, and slowdowns for nonessential goods and services already well under way in Brooklyn and beyond, how to pay the rent or mortgage and what happens next worries many.


    Park Slope. Photo by Susan De Vries

    The Rooftops of Brownstone Brooklyn Will Be Alive With Song

    Inspired by Italians who have been sharing the gift of music even while under quarantine, Brooklyn neighbors coordinated a singalong on March 19 to soothe the spirit during these stressful times.

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