Brooklyn Coronavirus Update and Open Thread: Cuomo Gets Serious (3/23/20)

The line at Trader Joe's in Cobble Hill Wednesday. Photo by Susan De Vries


    We’re in our second week of sheltering at home. Cuomo warned Sunday this thing will drag on and be much worse than it needs to be if New Yorkers don’t take social distancing seriously, and he also said the federal government needs to step up and handle supplies of masks and ventilators.

    Meanwhile, our social lives, school and events have moved to Zoom and Instagram — the latter has also become a major source of news, particularly for individuals and local small businesses who are posting status updates.

    What are you doing, what are your concerns and thoughts, and what are you reading and seeing regarding the Coronavirus crisis here in Brooklyn and beyond? Please feel free to comment in a respectful manner (please, no personal attacks, nothing libelous). If you are not already logged in, go up to the top right hand side of the page and log in to be able to comment.

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