$19.5 Million Available for Environmental Projects in Greenpoint


The Greenpoint Environmental Fund sent out a request for proposals yesterday on how to use $19,500,000, part of a settlement received from Exxon Mobil for millions of gallons of spilled oil in the Greenpoint area, DNAinfo reported. Projects can cost anywhere from $5000 to $2,000,000, and they have to take on some of Greenpoint’s environmental problems, like water quality, groundwater, air quality, or pollution reduction, according to the RFP. Only nonprofits and government bodies can submit projects, which must have significant support from the Greenpoint community. The RFP gave suggestions for potential projects, like waterfront restoration, installing a rain garden, planting trees, or making public buildings more green and environmentally sound. Above, the polluted Newtown Creek.

$19.5 Million Now up for Grabs for Greenpoint Environmental Projects [DNAinfo]
Photo by Pixonomy

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