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We know how it is. You love everything about your Brooklyn neighborhood — your coffee shop, your neighborhood bar, the vibrant street life — but it’s hard to justify spending so much money for such a small apartment. To even think about moving somewhere else, that place would have to offer all the things you love about Brooklyn, plus a convenient commute to Manhattan and hopefully some tasty amenities to sweeten the deal. 

Meet 25 Senate Place, the new luxury apartment building in Journal Square, which is fast becoming home to some of the most coveted real estate in Jersey City. The Journal Square neighborhood is a great Brooklyn alternative, with historic buildings, lively restaurants and bars, and the kind of artistic sensibilities that make a neighborhood come alive. And if you work in Manhattan, your commute via the PATH train to 33rd Street would be a mere 22 minutes, or a breezy 14 minutes to the World Trade Center.


You need apartment insurance. You know you need apartment insurance. So you finally call that 800 number you keep seeing in commercials.

National Insurance Carrier: “Thank you for calling National Insurance Company! What can I help you with?”

You: “I’m looking for renters insurance for my apartment. In New York.”

National Insurance Carrier: “No problem. Just a few questions to ask. How old is your boiler?”

You: “Um, did I mention I live in an apartment in New York? How would I know how old the boiler is?”

National Insurance Carrier: “We’ll come back to that question. Do you have a finished or unfinished basement?”

You: “I don’t even know if there is a basement…”

You can’t blame them. The majority of people calling a national 800 number for insurance for their homes probably live in the suburbs, in single-family residences. Here in New York City, though, the situation is different. Most of us live in multi-family buildings with older infrastructure. Everything costs more here — rents, maintenance fees, labor costs — and that means your insurance needs are different.

If you’re looking for an insurance company that takes the headache out of apartment insurance, and really understands the insurance needs of the New York apartment renter, look no further than Gotham Brokerage. Gotham has over fifty years of experience working with New Yorkers, so they can easily pinpoint what the costs of rebuilding and replacement would be.


Nonprofit arts and media organization BRIC has been a cornerstone of the Brooklyn arts scene since 1979, so it is a delight to announce that their newest venture BRIC TV, launched just last year, has received nine New York Emmy nominations. Add four more nominations for shows produced through BRIC’s Brooklyn Free Speech initiative, and that makes BRIC the 12th most nominated organization, tying with WABC and WCBS.


This article is part of a series of real estate tips from Brooklyn broker Gabriele Sewtz of Compass, a specialist in the Brooklyn family market.


Once upon a time, a prospective buyer first viewed a property when they strolled through the door with the real estate agent. Today, statistics show that 96 percent of potential homebuyers first see a property over the Internet or a mobile app.

Gabriele Sewtz, a real estate broker at Compass and a certified home stager, calls this remote viewing the “first date.” It’s crucial in getting homebuyers to the next step of actually visiting the property. The key is skilled staging, professional photos, and captivating descriptions.

“It must be a seamless promotion of property and lifestyle,” says Sewtz.

When you’re selling your house or apartment, it’s imperative to sell it in the least amount of time for the highest possible price. This requires “practical lifestyle staging,” or staging to showcase your home to your target audience, all while still living in your home. It’s about working with what you already have, while incorporating home organization tips that give your home an inviting feel without disrupting your life.

Home staging is not about getting rid of your things. It’s about planning. Sewtz lives by the three Rs of staging: Reduce, Rearrange, and Refresh.


Admit it. Sometimes you find yourself in a fancy grocery store, staring at a fruit you can’t name or a sauce you can’t pronounce. You think to yourself, What would I even do with this? Will I ever be the kind of person that knows how to use star anise in a recipe?

Blue Apron makes learning about new (and delicious) ingredients fun. Their weekly recipes are designed to introduce you to new flavors while gently showing you your way around the kitchen. Best of all, these fresh ingredients from small farms and specialty vendors are shipped to you without a grocery store mark-up. That means the ingredients are more affordable, you don’t buy more than you need, and you won’t spend an hour trying to find them in your local gourmet supermarkets. And if you sign up now, you’ll receive two free meals on your first order.

Following are six of the more fun ingredients to be featured in recent Blue Apron recipes. There are a lot more where they came from!

Done with kale? Let us introduce epazote. Traditionally used in a range of Mexican dishes, epazote has a pungent fragrance often compared to citrus, savory herbs, or mint.


Sponsored By CubeSmart.

New Yorkers know space is hard to come by. CubeSmart helps create the room you need to live your life.

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Living in a Brooklyn-sized apartment, you know that when it comes to space, we’re all looking for that solution that lies somewhere between looking like a hoarder and having to read that Japanese book about tidiness. Before you decide to give away your prized skateboard or troll doll collection, maybe it’s time to look into storage.

CubeSmart is dedicated to helping you make the most of the space you have so you can get on with the business of living. With a wide range of units available (from lockers to space for vehicle and boat parking), CubeSmart offers convenient locations, supplies for storage and moving, and climate-controlled units. Their highly rated customer service and clean, safe facilities have made them the largest self-storage provider in the greater New York City area.

Their handy online Size Guide will help you choose just the right unit for your particular storage needs, and be sure to check out their range of special offers of deals on everything from packing supplies to moving vans.


Bushwick is a neighborhood badly in need of commercial space. The neighborhood is booming but large sections of this mecca for artists and free-thinkers still consist of dilapidated warehouses.

Enter 65 Porter Avenue. The longtime home of Voila Bakeries was purchased in 2014 to be converted into street-level commercial spaces ranging from 620 to 5,000 square feet. Each space will feature 18-foot ceilings, glass frontage, and brand-new plumbing and electrical. There is also the possibility of adding mezzanine space or rooftop add-ons.