Drains, Fences and Radiators: Top 10 Brownstoner Forum Topics in 2018

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    For puzzled homeowners, landlords and renters, the Brownstoner Forum is a place to seek advice, vent or compare experiences revolving around the pleasure and the pain of dealing with property.

    Some topics are evergreen, from dealing with radiators to diagnosing a clogged drain. In fact, none of the most frequently read forum posts this year were actually submitted in 2018. The posts stretch back as far as 2007, but the topics are evidently still relevant to those eager to find solutions.

    For regular Forum readers, it may not be surprising to learn that the most popular post every year remains on top again in 2018. Think you know what it is?

    10. Is Skim Coating Necessary?
    A homeowner is balking at the cost of a painting job that includes skim coating and is wondering whether they should trim the costs by skipping that step.

    9. Keeping the Smoke Out
    A co-op owner lives above a chain-smoker and has tried to block the smoke but nothing seems to be working.

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    8. Installing a Dryer Without a Vent
    There’s no place for a vent in the basement where a homeowner wants to install a dryer, and they are wondering if there are any other options.

    7. How Do I Get Paint Off My Stainless Steel Sink?
    Painters used a brand-new stainless steel sink to clean their brushes, leaving dried out paint behind. The owner is looking for ways to remove the paint without harming the finish.

    home repair

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    6. Keeping the Drain Clear
    A homeowner’s basement keeps flooding because the exterior drain gets clogged with leaves.

    5. Tenants’ Rights When a Ceiling Collapses
    A ceiling collapsed in a rental and one of the roommates is trying to figure out how to get the landlord to help pay for moving expenses. Forum readers responded with some strong opinions.

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    4. Sealing a New Cedar Fence
    The owners of a brand new cedar fence are looking for advice on appropriate sealers.

    3. Is a Radiator a Fire Hazard?
    New to living with an old-fashioned radiator, a reader wonders if having their bed linens so close to the heat is a fire hazard.

    home repair reader questions renovation

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    2. Sanding and Lead Paint — How Dangerous Is It?
    Someone sanded down some molding and found lead paint beneath it. They weren’t here for chiding — they turned to the Forum to find out how hazardous the act could be.

    1. IKEA Returns (Without Receipt)
    This reader had a query about returning items to IKEA without a receipt in hand, and whether or not they could still get store credit.

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