How do get paint off my stainless steel sink?

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Topic: How do get paint off my stainless steel sink?

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling July 24, 2012 at 10:39 am

How do get paint off my stainless steel sink?

Hello all,

When we remodeled the painters used our new stainless steel sink to wash their paintbrushes, but they did not wash it all out and the paint dried on, What can I use to get it off without harming the finish? Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks a lot,

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Latex paint? Might come up with just some hot water and elbow grease. To really clean kitchen sinks I’ve always used a bleach based scrub like Comet and a plain old sponge. Or you could try something like Goof Off, which I just used to get rid of some old paint and primer spatters.

bartenders friend and or SOS pads if regular scrubbing doesn’t work. I’ve done this lots of times.

Per slopegirl, should come right off.  Often helps to pour some boiling water over the area as well.

i use stainess steel polish every 6 months anyway, you will probabaly as well so i would try that first.  Hope’s etc is what i use, it comes in a cream, smells like silver polish, and is applied with a little elbow grease for 5 minutes.  After i rinse and get that perfect shine, i usually clean with soap and water to make sure all chemicals are gone.  Like elbow said, If it is regular latex paint is shouldn’t be too hard.  

Stainless steel is easier to clean than the bucket that the paint came in.  Do nothing.  Wash dishes.  The paint will come off.  

You’ve asked this question a few times now, and a few times you keep getting Barkeepers Friend as a solution. What’s the problem!?!?!?


Hello friends,
Thanks for sharing stainless steel sink information, Really I am appreciated.

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