Windsor Terrace


In the case of this century-old wood-frame, the clients were a mother and a fifth-grader who had her own design ideas. "The daughter watches a lot of home shows and has strong opinions. From the beginning, she said, 'I want a marble kitchen,'" recalled architect Alexandra Barker of the Downtown Brooklyn-based Barker Freeman Design Office, who was hired to gut renovate the hopelessly dated kitchen and create a new powder room and master bath.


Brownstoner takes on Brooklyn history in Nabe Names, a series of briefs on the origins and surprising stories of neighborhood nomenclature.

A man drives around a Shetland pony on 17th Street in the 1970s, which one resident said was one of the strangest events to happen in the area. Photo by Michael Catellano via Facebook

Past Prospect Park’s southwestern corner lies the residential nabe of Windsor Terrace, abounding in American flags, columned stoop-porch hybrids and off-grid or dead-end streets.