House of the Day: 384 Vanderbilt Avenue

384 vanderbilt avenue fort greene 72014

The Fort Greene house with radiant heat controlled by an iPad we told you about last month is now on the market. Renovated by Stuyvesant Group, it is unusually luxurious even for a high-end renovation and has an open floor plan, a double height kitchen in the rear of the parlor floor, marble counters and slabs of marble on the walls in the kitchen, and a high-efficiency boiler.

The house was a shell so there were no details to save, developer Adam Cohen told us, but he purchased three salvage pier mirrors and now one of them conceals a TV behind smoked glass. It’s set up as a triplex over a garden rental. We suspect this will go quickly at $3,500,000. What do you think?

384 Vanderbilt Avenue [Halstead] GMAP

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  • Judging from the pics I would say this is amazing even to what we have come to expect from Stuyvesant Group!!!!
    That double height ceiling in a brownstone is something new and awesome!
    GO ADAM!

  • Beautiful house, just wish they had more pictures up. The open floor plan and high ceilings set against the authentic Brooklyn brownstone is a dead winner.

  • I see 4 4BR/4BR not 5 of each

  • Those are REALLY CRAPPY appliances for a $3.5 million kitchen… Come on.

    • I think you’re looking at the rental kitchen, which has mid-grade stainless appliances. That seems fine for a rental unit. As noted by Adamc10303, the owners unit has high-end appliances.

  • Please look again. Sub Zero and Wolf are not crappy at all..

  • Not enough counter space in the kitchen, IMHO. They should’ve extended the counter where the wine fridge is to be more flush with the french door. Looks like the oven and the fridge are separated by only a very small sliver of counter-not the most ideal set-up. For serious cooks with a high-power BTU range like that, the heat will get very close to the fridge.

  • If it originally had any original detail or not; actually it did for the record, I saw it, it may have cost more to preserve and restore it. But this shows no respect to the classic lines or structure of a Brownstone. And as for the ugly ceiling a/c vents and lighting, the new staircase, that looks like it came pre-made from Home Depot. This is typical of what is destroying Brownstone neighborhoods.

    • you are right R2. i was in this place as well.
      there was original detail, it was turned to rubble and carted away

      this isn’t a brownstone anymore, it’s a schmaltzy, cookie cutter condo/hotel. the same materials and design they use in all new construction.

  • I think they will definitely get more than ask. How much I don’t know. There are no brownstones on the market and its the hottest item. This seems to have been very tastefully done, and I’m sure some foreigner looking to park his cash will find this very suitable.

  • this seems like a nice place…its on the smaller end of things, but the renovation will work for Manhattanites who want to transfer to FG. They tried to be rustic with adding a few restoration hardware chandeliers, and having some exposed brick. This is not for everyone, but for the lawyers and will work. the real question is whether you want this house of the huge new construction house across the street at 407 Vanderbilt. That one is on the market for over $4mm, is much bigger, but was built from the ground up..

  • prefinished flooring on upper floors….why? Should get ask or above. Nice reno.

  • Are people that can afford a $3.5m house really looking to “rent” out their ground floor?

    I don’t get it, the inconvenience of losing the space….having to share cant really be covered byt the money you’d get (relative to the overall purchase price).

    I can understand an inlaw suit or similar but a rental? huh?

    especially when this space could have been used for a separate dining room given the shortness didn’t allow for separate dining room/kitchen/living.

  • Saw this. Not a well though out reno. Too many bells and whistles and not enough consideration as to how people actually want to live in a house like this. Some of the design decisions were mind-boggling. Also, over a month and change and not a peep.