House of the Day: 22 Lefferts Place

This two-family at 22 Lefferts Place in Clinton Hill is a brick Italianate house probably dating from the 1870s or so. It has ornate plasterwork in the parlor, arched marble mantels throughout, a curved staircase, and an oculus skyligyht. There is also an interesting fretwork screen in the stair hall, which was probably added later.

It’s currently set up as a top floor rental over an owner’s triplex. The listing says the “building is in good shape” though obviously the 1970s kitchen and the dining room ceiling could use some updating. What do you think of it and the ask of $1,900,000?

22 Lefferts Place [Halstead] GMAP

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  • saw this saturday… lovely block and a house with great potential. it needs a lot of updating, but of the 4 fixer-uppers I looked at this weekend it was hands down my favorite in terms of vibe and relative value. insane that $1.9 million looks like ‘relative value’, but that’s unfortunately where we are today…

  • The location is not the greatest; however, beautiful house and an excellent value. I am sure it will sell for much more.

  • The location is kind of weird (close to noise, grime and buildings on Atlantic, Fulton, kind of in that “dreaded wedge” spot, but also kinda cool in a way, those tucked away streets have a cool vibe to them and there are some amazing houses on that corner; also extremely convenient to subway, prospect heights, clinton hill, fort greene, crown heights etc.
    Nice house though.