Downtown Bar & Grill Closing


The Downtown Bar & Grill at 160 Court Street will be closing soon after eight years in business, according to a sign posted in the window. Nachos, caesar salad, and wings are among the items on the menu, as well as a large selection of beers and a full bar. Click through to the jump to see the letter from management. Thanks to a reader for sending in the tip and photo. GMAP

Photo above by Downtown Bar & Grill


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  • That is too bad, even though “only” eight years, they really were pioneers in the craft beer scene. They’ve always had an outstanding draft selection and their wall of bottled beers can’t be beat. Sorry to see them go.

  • Never knew they changed the name/ownership since it was Cousins

    • Makes me sad to see. My father and his 2 cousins were COUSINS. My family owned cousins for 26 years. This building has always had a place in my heart and admittedly I have never been to Downtown Bar & Grill. I couldn’t bring myself to go after my father retired and sold the business. I hope that another great pub will make its home there. This site should be a place “where everybody knows your name”, that is what Cousins was to me, a real stable of Cobble Hill which has grown tremendously since my days growing up on Tompkins Place.

  • thats a bummer. amazing beer selection…

  • Amazing selection, but I can’t believe they lasted as long as they did. Quite possibly the most unwelcoming staff (not all of them, but most of them) I’ve ever encountered in the service industry.

  • NOOOOOO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!! You can’t take away my awesome beer selection half a block away from home!

  • If you read the Yelp reviews, this should come as no surprise.

    Im surprised they lasted 8 years.

  • I haven’t posted in forever, but felt compelled to when I saw this story. Totally agree with stillbwell – the service at this place was absolutely abominable, even by New York standards. Cannot believe people went here regularly. New Yorkers are gluttons for punishment.

    • Didn’t this place replace some bar that was equally abominable service-wise????

      • It replaced Cousin’s which was just a neighborhood joint, owned and operated by neighborhood guys.

        Never billed itself as anything more – so the service was as you would expect.

      • Actually, Cousins II (that’s roman numeral 2). I think the original Cousins was/is out in Bay Ridge somewhere. Service was fine if you were drinking with other teachers after school let out.

        • The original Cousins was in the same place. It was opened around the time I was born 1980 and had a stint in the 90s where my father and his cousin leased out the business – there was a tremendous degradation in quality for a number of years and finally my family took ownership again renovating and relaunching as Cousins II. No association wtih anything in Bay Ridge. My family operated Cousins II for some years following the reopening and retired in 2006ish where Downtown Bar and Grill was established. Cousins was a neighborhood pub – it didn’t try to be fine dining. Food was solid, beers were cold, and the crowd of locals was always welcoming.

        • “Service was fine if you were drinking with other teachers after school let out.”

          Ha! That’s where I went drinking with my colleagues one fine June evening after the last day of my first year of teaching. We wound up several hours later at Angry Wade’s, where one of our group tried to dance on the tables. Then someone went outside and mooned Smith Street. Angry Wade’s was so impressed that they had a “Teacher Discount Special” on the last day of the next school year.

      • Cousins was opened for 26 years and closed due to health of the owners who decided to retire after so long. I know this because Cousins was my family. I cannot speak for Downtown, but I am sad that any pub that occupied that space is closed since it was always a place that made people happy – at least when it was Cousins.

  • I suppose I should clarify. The service was pretty awful. I’ll still miss the amazing beer selection and the can’t-be-beat (for me personally) location.

  • I have never been there, but have walked by thousands of times. It looks like a nice old bar space; I’m sure that someone will snap it up for a similar use.

  • I was a regular Sunday afternoon patron at Cousins from 89 to around 92. It was a very welcoming place. Peter was the Sunday day bartender, a very nice guy, and Billy played the piano during brunch. A great place to hang out.
    I was at Downtown bar a few weeks ago, and found the service very solid, even though the restaurant was crowded. But it is a shame that it has to go.